Year 2022 on Medium

This is a short summary of the year with this blog.

I set up my blog here in November 2021 but created most of my content in 2022. Let’s summarize the year a bit.

It turns out that I can also filter my posts by the number of reads, here are my 3 most successful articles in this regard:

My three most read articles on Medium
My three most read articles on Medium

If you want to give them a try, here they are:

I believe my stats are nothing compared to other creators, but that’s not the point really. At this point, I’m happy some people have read my content.

Later this year, around November, I pretty much stopped adding new content, which was due to me having a lot of work, so I didn’t have much energy to write more articles after work. I hope I’ll get back to a more humane pace of work so I’ll be able to get back to writing some articles here as well.

Going forward, is there something you want me to write about? If so, let me know.

That is for now, thank you for reading my blog. If you are interested in more, please follow me so you can catch my new content.



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