The WebAIM Million — Homepage Accessibility Report

  • There seems to be very little improvement over last couple of years.
  • The majority of sites fail — 96.8 % of the sites had some problem with WCAG 2.
  • Obviously only WCAG 2 does not mean the site is not accessible, there’s more to it. But on the other hand, the most common problems were things like missing alt texts, missing form control labels, empty links and buttons, and low contract. These problems are actually a real obstacle to people who rely on some assistive technology.
  • All these problems from the previous bullet point are actually sort of low-hanging fruit in accessibility. They are often easily checked using tools. Yet even the biggest sites, that likely have more resources, don’t fix these problems.
  • Home page complexity measured by the number of elements has increased. That can potentionally lead to even more accesibility problems in the future, especially when it doesn’t seem that the world is paying that much attention to it even now.




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Pavel Saman

Pavel Saman


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