Confirmatory Testing


Using code to check things is a confirmatory process. I’m not saying it’s wrong or it should not happen. Not at all. It’s useful and it should be present. What I’m saying is that is should be complemented with testing.

go to "/search" page;
type "test event" into the search field;
check that event object ({...}) is in the response body;
check that suggestion is visible on the frontend;
  • it checks only what should happen, it does not test what might go wrong
  • it’s rather one-dimensional kind of check, it does not consider many other areas that might contain trouble — accessibility or performance to name just two


Demos are kind of popular at many workplaces. At the end of a sprint, there’re demos in which people present how something works. Testers are sometimes asked to conduct such demo sessions (been there, done that).


I think this is a similar idea to automation. Testing code is to a computer what checklists are to humans. It comes down to output checking, to expected and actual results.

* fill in "test event" and see a suggestion with the same name
* test how different input values are handled



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